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Our patient, Kathleen, discusses her experience of being a patient of Dr Kieren Bong. She nicknamed Dr Bong ‘Dr Pain Free’ because of his unique skills in offering Botox treatment in Glasgow which is virtually pain free.

John Amabile, with a respected career of more than forty years, is considered a premier figure in the UK’s interior design realm. His successful career showcases regular features in media, making him a household name. He gained considerable recognition as a popular designer on the well-received ITV show, ’60-minute makeover’. He is a long-time friend and patient of Essence Medical.

Denise - Botox Testimonial

Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic is one of Scotland’s most established and reputable clinics. I was made to feel completely at ease and told me exactly what could be achieved. I am absolutely delighted with the results.

The world sees your face and you want to look your best.  I highly recommend Dr Bong and have done to many friends and family.  So delighted.

Dr Kieren Bong Testimonial

I can honestly say to you that Dr Bong is a great person and so knowledgeable. He is warm and friendly. I have been to many doctors and nurses in the past but no one compares to the warmth and expertise of Dr Bong.

Annie G, Ireland

I would like to take this opportunity to express to you my most heartfelt appreciation for your medical service to me. Initially I was quite nervous about having the treatment for my face for the first time in my life. However, after consulting with you I felt calm and confident that all would be okay. Your willingness to discuss/explain everything gave me a sense of assurance and enabled me to continue with the treatment plan.
Your skill, knowledge and positive outlook played a major role in gaining the excellent final results .

K.A, Glasgow
I first went to see Dr Bong for a nose reshaping. I’m nearly 40 and had always suffered because of my nose. Too long, and with a hump; it was totally spoiling my appearance and caused people to laugh at me when I was at school. Then, I heard about the nose reshaping procedure, and I’m so glad I choose Dr Bong! I can’t believe how I managed to stay with a long and humpy nose for such a long time when the solution was just there. Today, my nose is completely straight, the hump has disappeared and it does look smaller and really nice. I do feel pretty and no longer ashamed. Don’t hesitate to go! Dr Bong is really friendly and explains the procedure in details, he makes you feel at ease, and then you’re no longer scared. He doesn’t tell you bullshit, as some other persons in the profession can do. The procedure isn’t painful at all, and I had no bruises at all. He knows what he’s doing and he’s really professional. I recommend him 100%. I look great now. He had done such a nice job with my nose, that I decided I could have a non-surgical eye lift as well. I had big rings and bags under the eyes, and I always looked tired, even when I wasn’t. I had the procedure yesterday and the results are amazing. I definitely look ten years younger. It’s really magic and worth the price. Indeed, it’s less expensive than all the eye creams you can buy all over the year and so efficient! You can trust Dr Bong 100%.

That’s now been 4 years I have used essence and Dr. Kieren Bong. The fact that he understands the underlying issue of ‘why’ I get facial treatments and doesnt just see it as a procedure I think is just unique in itself. Always his aim is my happiness and not Monterey gain. Not many in the market I feel have this quality but would actually ironically charge more for procedures.
Many of my friends use different cosmetic clinics. From this I see the true comparison and only more concretes my confidence and loyalty in Dr. Kieren Bong.
I am sure I am speaking for all your loyal patients here. When I thank you for continued professional expertise and support. You exceed yourself every time.

Helen, Aberdeen

A true genius, outstanding results every time.
I have been seeing Dr Bong at Essence Medical for a few years now and wouldn’t go anywhere else. I have had several facial procedures with outstanding results, very natural looking. Dr Bong is a true gem in every aspect, a total genius in what he does.
Before I discovered Dr Bong I had visited 5 different top clinics in London and Scotland for lip augmentation and each time only lasted about 3 months, not to mention I was always very swollen and bruised but not with Dr Bong. I had my lip augmentation over a year ago now with amazing results, very natural looking, no swelling or bruising and they still look lovely.  Amazing!
All the other treatments I have had, look so natural and I love the technique Dr Bong uses, totally different from other clinics I have visited and I know any procedures I have with Dr Bong will last, not dissolve in a few months.
I can honestly say I would highly recommend Dr Bong for any cosmetic facial procedures you are thinking of having. 

Diane, England

Saying “Thank You” seems so insufficient but I can find no words that truly express my feelings appropriately, so I will stick with those two simple words with the hope that you know the depth of emotion and gratitude they contain.

Rachel, Glasgow

I couldn’t recommend Dr Bong enough! He is very knowledgeable and informative. He is gentle and pays great attention to detail. The whole experience was pain-free for me with no downtime, not even any bruising! The treatment is completely inexpensive compared to the results you can achieve. I’m so happy I made the decision to book with Dr Bong! I finally have my confidence back and feel good about my appearance. Thank you!

Bethany, East Kilbride

This is the very first time I have gone in for cosmetic enhancements. I was really worried, to begin with, but having seen first hand Dr Bong’s work on a friend. I decided to take the plunge, I was not disappointed.
I am delighted with the results, I am planning to go back and have more work done. Thank you.
Dr Bong is great, he takes his time to inform you of what he is doing and he is very reassuring.

Adrienne, Portugal

This is a fantastic clinic with a wonderful doctor. I travel from Dundee regularly to have non-invasive treatments. Dr Kieren Bong explains the procedure in detail and gives sound advice. He has a genuine interest in his patients and his work. He comes highly recommended and I would most certainly recommend the clinic. Dr Bong is a very warm, caring man, who takes the utmost care with his procedures, giving time to answer any concerns you may have. So glad I found such a caring doctor, who listens to your concerns.

Kathy B, Dundee

I have had dermal filler treatment from Mr. Bong to bring symmetry and a more youthful look. I have over the years attended two other clinics and he is by far the best in his field. I can honestly say I look 10 years younger. I highly recommend him.
The staff at this clinic are very welcoming. They are very discreet when discussing treatments. It is a very comfortable atmosphere with great hospitality on offer for patients to relax while waiting for appointments.

A.M., Dundee

I had filler treatment for cheeks and upper lip from Dr Bong on a couple of weeks ago. I’m extremely pleased with the results, beautiful and natural. Dr Bong explained everything in detail and I completely trusted him. I felt completely comfortable during the entire procedure. I barely felt a thing and love the result. I paid £700 for the cheek treatment and felt it was very good value for money. I would recommend this clinic to anyone thinking of cosmetic treatments.

Tm, Glasgow

Dr Kieren Bong is a rare breed. He listens to your concerns then has the medical training and artistic talent to deliver the results. Visits are always comfortable, both the consultation and the procedures. Kieren is approachable, friendly yet utterly professional. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else, even for a ‘discount’. There are a lot of flash Harrys out there, don’t be fooled. Kieren is an understated gem. My experiences with Kieren are lip enhancement, cheek volumisation, chin augmentation and Miracle Frame Thread Lift. Full marks for every treatment.

Amanda H, Glasgow

Thank you Dr Bong for my amazing new lips – what a difference I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! See you again soon, thanks so much!

Tiffany M, Glasgow

Dr Kieren Bong has a genuine interest in his patients and this is reflected in the results achieved by him. I am personally delighted and would now not consider going anywhere else for my treatment.

Maureen R, Stranraer

Dr Bong, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you made of my lips! You are a genius! I will be back for sure.

Carly F, Glen Coe

My lips are looking great and I would like you to do my Botox when I am due to have it done. Thanks again.

Joan E, Motherwell

I am delighted with the Juvederm, it has added volume to my face. You are quite an artist and I am so happy with the results.

Kathy B, Glasgow

I love my ‘new’ nose. It is just what I wanted; a subtle but really natural effect. Thank you so much!

Katy P, Dundee

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

I have been running around doing wedding errands on this hot day and have remained dry! What a difference to my life! Thank you very much.

Aislinn R, Glasgow

I am delighted with my new face! Thanks so much. I will need to schedule my Scottish visits around facial needs in future! Keep it up my dear – I want you to do lots and lots of funky new things as I get older!

Carol C, London

I’d just like to thank you for the work you have done. I am so pleased with the results. You have a very fine hand.

Vicky F, Dundee

I always feel a million dollars when I’ve been to see you!

Geraldine O, Glasgow

Very pleased with the results of Botox. Amazing!

Jo G, Stirling

I love my ‘new’ nose. It is just what I wanted; a subtle but really natural effect. Thank you so much!

Roberta M, Cumbernauld

Facially I think it looks amazing and I am happier than I thought I would be with the results. Amazing what a 30-minute procedure can achieve. I am very thankful that you advised me correctly and made me very happy.

Stuart H, Glasgow

I’ve been coming to Dr Bong for over a year now and his work is nothing short of amazing! His techniques and products ensure that I’m not only at ease (I’m afraid of needles) but the results are outstanding.

Laura, Scotland

I enjoyed the treatment and will most definitely be keen to continue with your clinic – the most professional place I have been to and the service is outstanding! 10/10. I will recommend you to my friends.

Kirsty M, Glasgow

Thank you again for your wonderful lip job Dr B! You rock!

Carly D, Glasgow

I had underarm Botox to treat excessive sweating a few weeks ago and just wanted to say the results have been amazing. There were no problems and I hardly sweat at all now. I feel great.

Jonathan C, Glasgow




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