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Wrinkle Reduction Injections

Key benefits of Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic - your botox clinic Glasgow

  • Consultation and treatment is undertaken by Dr Kieren Bong who is an international speaker and trainer in aesthetic facial procedures
  • Dr Kieren Bong is widely recognised as one of the industry's experts
  • Essence Medical in Glasgow only uses the very best market-leading brands
  • We offer virtually pain-free treatment
  • Excellent post treatment care will follow after two weeks
  • Dr Kieren Bong is often featured in numerous national and international magazines and newspapers

Glasgow Botox Clinic

  • Virtually pain-free treatment
  • Qualified and experienced doctor
  • International facial aesthetics expert
  • Results are guaranteed
Dr Bong
Dr Bong
Dr Bong
Dr Bong

If your laughter lines are making you frown then non-surgical wrinkle reduction from Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic in Glasgow could be the answer to your prayers. Wrinkle reduction injections (botox procedures) reduce the appearance of frown lines, forehead furrows, crow's feet, nasal and smile lines, smoker’s lip and banding around the neck to give you a smoother, less stressed, younger-looking complexion. We use only market-leading brands of botulinum toxin upon which standards of treatments are judged. Both your consultation and treatment will be carried out personally by Dr Kieren Bong, so you can rest assured that you are in very safe, highly skilled hands.

Dr Bong is well known for performing virtually pain-free facial muscle relaxing injections. This is because we invest in ultra-fine needles imported from the United States. These needles are so delicate, treatment is less painful than plucking your eyebrows! Our affordable wrinkle reduction treatment includes a follow-up review after two weeks to make sure you are delighted with the results.

Dr Bong is an international trainer, who mentors other doctors and nurses for many of the procedures offered at Essence Medical. He is widely recognised as an international expert, having been invited to speak at international conferences such as those in Monaco, Norway, Italy and Malta.

Our Botox Clinic FAQ

What are wrinkle reduction injections?

In recent years, wrinkle reduction injections have become the most common anti-ageing treatments on the market. It is very effective in softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without going under the knife. The results will start to show after only a few days. One treatment of wrinkle reduction injection will relax facial expression lines, leaving you looking more youthful and rejuvenated.

Your consultation

We encourage all our prospective patients to make an appointment for a consultation. A consultation prior to any treatment is required. During the consultation, we will analyse your issues, examine your face and discuss the range of treatment options available. There is absolutely no obligation at all for you to take up any treatment and the consultation may or may not lead to your having this treatment.

What is wrinkle reduction injections with botulinum toxin type-A?

Botulinum toxin type-A is made from purified type A neurotoxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. It is administered in a quick, simple, non-surgical procedure that temporarily relaxes wrinkle-causing muscles, resulting in a smooth, rejuvenated appearance. There are currently three different brands of botulinum toxin licensed for cosmetic use in Europe, namely Botox®, Azzalure and Bocouture. It is not a simple case of one particular brand being better than the other; they are simply different medications, manufactured very differently, and have different clinical effects. Over the years Botox® has been so dominant that the use of botulinum toxin type-A has become known as 'Botox® treatment'. Currently the number one non-surgical aesthetic treatment in the U.S. and Britain, Botox® is also the leading brand of botulinum toxin type-A in terms of documented clinical trials and practical use around the world. The reality, in my opinion, is that all the different brands are equally good. What is more important is that the injecting doctor uses a product they are most familiar with.

How do wrinkle reduction injections work and what is the procedure?

Wrinkle reduction injections can be carried out to minimise the appearance of frown lines between the eyes, forehead lines, crow's feet, nasal lines, smile lines, smokers' lip lines and neck lines. It involves tiny injections of botulinum toxin to precise wrinkle-causing muscles. The treatment is simple and quick (usually about 10-15mins) with no downtime, and many patients often have it done on their lunch breaks. Discomfort is very minimal and brief; most patients compare the sensation to an insect bite. No sedation or local anaesthetic is required, and you will be able to drive and engage in all of your usual daily activities (even put on your makeup) immediately after your treatment.

Are wrinkle reduction injections safe?

This procedure is very safe and usually has little or no side effects. The most common side effect resulting from wrinkle reduction injection treatment is occasional bruising in the treated areas, which is temporary and can be easily covered with cosmetic concealers. In cosmetic use, this treatment has been widely tested and used safely for more than 10 years, and has quickly become the most popular non-surgical, aesthetic procedures in the United Kingdom today.

How long does the treatment last?

Visible effects can take place within 3-5 days, and full effect is seen in 7-10 days. The effects of this treatment usually last for 4-6 months, depending on individual. When the lines start to reappear, simply repeat the same treatment to maintain the desired outcome.

How much does wrinkle reduction injections cost?

We believe that we are one of the most competitive providers in Glasgow offering wrinkle reduction injections by a cosmetic doctor. Full Face (forehead horizontal lines, frown lines between the eyebrows and crow's feet around the eyes): £250 (female), £300 (male). This price also includes, where indicated, a review appointment at 2-4 weeks after the treatment.

I always feel a million dollars when I've been to see you!...
Geraldine O. (Glasgow)

I am very happy with the Botox that you gave me. I think it is the best result I have had yet. Thank you very much!
Roberta M, Cumbernauld

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