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3D Ultimate Liquid Face Lift - Advanced Facial Contour and Volume

Key benefits of Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic

  • Dr Kieren Bong is the pioneer for this treatment - a revolutionary treatment - amazing results in 30 minutes
  • Consultation and treatment are undertaken personally by Dr Bong who is an international speaker and trainer in advanced facial aesthetics treatments
  • Virtually pain-free treatment
  • Dr Bong is well known for his methods of achieving beautiful yet incredibly natural cosmetic results with minimal pain, bruising and down time
  • Dr Bong is often featured in numerous national and international magazines and newspapers

3D Ultimate Liquid Face Lift

  • Full face contouring & sculpting
  • Look 10 years younger
  • Safe, long-lasting results
  • Completed in under an hour
  • Also called The Glasgow Lift
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Dr Bong
Dr Bong
Dr Bong
Dr Bong

Over the years, the face begins to lose collagen and elastin which contribute to sagging facial features.  The loss of facial volume and elasticity also lead to the formation of wrinkles, creases and folds.

In broad terms, the 3D Ultimate Liquid Face Lift treatment (coined 'the Glasgow Lift') can be undertaken to accomplish any of the following:

1. Gentle lift of individual (or overall) facial features

2. Reduced wrinkles, creases or folds

3. Restoration of natural, curved facial contours

4. A more rested, energetic look

5. A friendlier smile

In some patients the goal of the 3D Ultimate Liquid Face Lift is to lift the entire face. In others, the goal is to lift or contour specific facial features. Also eye bags can be masked under the eyes by using this technique; jowls can be lifted and diminished; natural shape can be restored to flattened cheeks or temple areas as well as corners of the mouth can be lifted.

Facial lift FAQ

What are the advantages of the 3D Ultimate Liquid Face Lift (aka the Glasgow Lift)?

Side Effects Glasgow Lift Surgery
Risk of anaesthesia No Yes
Risk of bleeding No Yes
Risk of infection No Yes
Need stitches No Yes
Scarring No Yes
Haematoma (blood clots) No Yes
More natural Yes No
Affordable Yes No
No down-time Yes No
Results that last for years Yes Yes

We believe in the importance of a strong doctor-patient relationship so both your consultation and treatment will be carried out by Dr Bong. You are welcome to visit us for a free, no obligation initial consultation, which also includes in-depth facial analysis.

What is 3D Ultimate Liquid Face Lift (aka the Glasgow Lift)?

This is a non-surgical treatment pioneered and perfected by Dr Kieren Bong. It involves the use of advanced deep dermal fillers, to sculpt and contour the entire face, usually in combination with BOTOX®. The dermal fillers used are among a group of 2nd generation dermal fillers that provide more enduring results than earlier products. Each of these dermal fillers has unique attributes that work in their own special way to contour specific areas of the face. In general, dermal fillers replace lost volume in the face. Precisely placed, the dermal fillers can be used to lift or contour any number of facial features.

Who is a good candidate for the 3D Ultimate Liquid Face Lift?

In some patients the goal of the 3D Ultimate Liquid Face Lift is to lift the entire face. In others, the goal is to lift or contour specific facial features. Also eye bags can be masked under the eyes by using this technique; jowls can be lifted and diminished; natural shape can be restored and corners of the mouth can be lifted. Patients with a flat or poor mid face shape can improve the balance of their face with this treatment. Also, patients who have deformities of the cheeks either from birth or from injuries can achieve significant improvement without the pain, risk and recovery associated with surgery.

How long do the results last?

The use of specialist 2nd generation dermal fillers offers long lasting improvement for approximately 18-24 months. Repeat treatments are recommended every 12-18 months to maintain the desired results.

How is the 3D Ultimate Liquid Face Lift performed?

Initial consultation will determine the goals of treatment, make note of any associated abnormalities or asymmetry and plan the optimum procedure to achieve the ideal result in each patient. A local anaesthetic injection is used to ensure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible. Specialist 2nd generation dermal fillers is then injected into the deep tissues to improve the contour, shape and symmetry. Dr Bong's revolutionary technique, coupled with his keen eye for aesthetic mean that the results are natural and age appropriate.

Will I experience any discomfort during the treatment? How about bruising?

Minimal discomfort is expected during the treatment and no bruising should occur with the careful techniques used. Treated areas may feel tender for the first 3 days. Most of our patients are surprised to experience virtually no pain at all.

When will results be seen after the 3D Ultimate Liquid Face Lift?

Improvement in the shape and contour of the face will be seen immediately with overall result continue to improve over the following 2-4 weeks.

Will I experience any side effects from the treatment?

Side effects from this treatment are mild and usually include injection-related side effects such as slight redness and mild swelling. Generally, these side effects dissipate within a few hours or days.

How much time is needed for this treatment and can I go on with my day following treatment?

Typically the treatment is complete in 30-40 minutes. Most people feel comfortable going back to their normal activities immediately following their appointment. Make-up may be applied following the treatment.

What other treatments are usually done in conjunction with the 3D Ultimate Liquid Face Lift?

Other treatments often performed at the same visit to rejuvenate the mid to upper face include wrinkle reduction with Botox to relax frown lines and crow's feet, dermal fillers to diminish under eye hollows, and chemical skin peels which can noticeably tighten skin and erase years from your appearance.

How much does 3D Ultimate Liquid Face Lift cost?

A 3D Ultimate Liquid Face Lift can be performed on the entire face or on part of the face. Price will vary depending upon the procedures and degree of contouring and sculpting that you desire. This treatment is unique to each individual, depending upon a variety of factors. So, to get an exact cost, you will need to schedule a consultation with Dr Bong. Consultation is absolutely free of charge.

All of the above said, in general, we charge £700 per syringe of the 2nd generation dermal filler. This price includes local anaesthetic injections to ensure complete pain-free treatment experience. Our Botox treatment normally costs around £250.

Maintenance costs usually decline over time, and after a period of time, maintenance is often a fraction of the cost of the original procedure (particularly if you maintain the results regularly). Over time, it is common to need less product and fewer touch up treatments to maintain results.

Facially I think it looks amazing and I am happier than I thought I would be with the results. Amazing what a 30-minute procedure can achieve. I am very thankful that you advised me correctly and made me very happy.
Stuart H, Glasgow, facial volumising

Wonderful as always Kieren! Thank you for making me forget that I used to need lip liner 24/7!
Kathy B. (Dundee)

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