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Fix Lopsided Upper Lip With Lip Filler

Fix Lopsided Upper Lip With Lip Filler

Aesthetic Precision: More than Just Injections

Highly esteemed aesthetic doctor Dr Kieren Bong expertly operates Essence Medical’s clinic under the strapline 
“Still you, Just Better.” What sets Dr Bong apart is not just his renowned reputation in his field but also his approach to dermal filler treatments, which prioritises precision and understanding rather than mere injection administration.

Dr Bong takes us through a case that spotlights these peculiar complexities defining this niche of aesthetic medicine.

A lady had grown increasingly concerned about the lopsidedness of her upper lip, an asymmetry that had resulted from years of sleeping on one side of her face. This induced a specific kind of sagging to the skin above her right upper lip, causing the lip to droop consequentially.

Restoring symmetry couldn’t be more straightforward than injecting the lips with a filler to counter the droop – a common misconception. The sagging couldn’t just be ‘shortened’. Merely lifting the skin above the upper lip to mimic an elevated appearance, as is frequently done, doesn’t achieve a satisfactory or lasting solution.

With his expertise and deep understanding of the intricacies, Dr Bong implemented a two-step treatment approach for this complexity instead.

The first stage of the treatment involved using a specific grade of filler designed to lift and tighten the skin above the overly descended upper lip.

Enhancing the lips’ natural contour became the focal point in the second step. A thin layer of filler was carefully injected into the upper and lower lips, emphasising the definition of their borders. This strategic dual-step approach was oriented towards balancing and restoring symmetry to the lips. The result? A lip enhancement that retained the patient’s unique features while correcting the sag.

Though this treatment approach might be more expensive, the intricate art and science behind it make it a worthwhile investment. It’s crucial to remember that effective dermal filler treatments extend beyond mere cosmetic changes. They involve a holistic approach encompassing precision, technical expertise, and an intimate understanding of the patient’s unique facial features and concerns.

Ultimately, it’s about being “Still You, Just Better”, a philosophy Dr Bong and Essence Medical stand by unwaveringly.

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