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Male Cosmetic Enhancement From Muscle Growing to Looksmaxxing

Male Cosmetic Enhancement: From Muscle Growing to “Looksmaxxing”

Dr Kieren Bong, aesthetic doctor and owner of Essence Medical, commented on the rising trend of “looksmaxxing” – a term coined to describe the quest for facial enhancement to raise one’s “sexual market value” and part of the current Facemaxxing trend. As a seasoned speaker and trainer, Dr Bong provides insight and clarity on evolving aesthetic trends, focusing on his patients’ overall well-being and confidence.

Boys as young as early teens are now becoming conscious of their physiques and working out. Recent reports have highlighted individual journeys to online forums that focus on the blend of fitness and looks and quickly lead to looksmaxxing forums dedicated to facial aesthetics. As with the hypercritical “gaze” of social media, these forums can quickly lead individuals to over-analyse their facial features with a critical eye, pinpointing perceived flaws linked with their self-perceived attractiveness.

Earlier this month, TOWIE’s Bobby Norris said he went ‘too far’ with fillers, and the Only Way is Essex star looked almost unrecognisable as he showed off his transformation on Good Morning Britain today.

Dr Kieren Bong Facesmaxxing and Looksmaxxing adviceDr Bong provides an expert take on this issue, quoting, “What we perceive as our anxieties and insecurities often magnify flaws. Our aim at Essence Medical is not to eradicate these perceived flaws but to guide our patients to embrace their unique features and enhance their natural beauty. We now find many men require corrective treatment to resolve poorly executed procedures, which should never have been done in the first place. People must, however, realise that these procedures cannot always be reversed, resulting in permanent damage, and it is vital that anyone, regardless, should only approach qualified, experienced and reputable aesthetic doctors.”

“Looksmaxxing” began as a niche movement championed by communities in obscure forums and Reddit threads. Recently, its popularity has skyrocketed, finding a significant platform on social media, specifically TikTok. The ideal “looksmaxxed” face comprises sharply chiselled jaws, plumped lips, high cheekbones, and ‘hunter’ eyes. The trend has seen the rise of influencers as role models and has sparked a significant conversation about body positivity and self-esteem among young adults.

Dr Bong shares his perspective: “Although this trend can boost awareness about aesthetic enhancement technologies, we must understand that beauty extends beyond these fixed standards. We should celebrate diversity and individuality in all forms.”

One of the best-known faces in the world of looksmaxxing is Kareem Shami, a San Diego student who has gained a following of 1.5 million on TikTok. He promotes only “softmaxxing” and advises against the harmful practices associated with “hardmaxxing”

Attracting the attention of both advocates and critics, looksmaxxing has introduced the concept of “mewing” – a tongue exercise devised to enhance the jawline. Moreover, pursuing facial aesthetics has led to an unexpected surge in enquiries at various cosmetic face surgeons’ offices.

Dr Bong adds, “While it’s important to comprehend the impact of ‘looksmaxxing’ on the perception of beauty, it’s equally important to maintain an open dialogue about such trends. This will help dispel myths, clarify misconceptions, and enable everyone to make informed choices regarding their aesthetic journeys.”

As we delve deeper into the era where external appearance is highly prized, it’s vital to recognise the significance of balanced and informed aesthetic decisions. At Essence Medical, Dr Bong is dedicated to delivering speeches and training worldwide, working with aesthetic doctors who provide the best in class treatments and innovations, and a vital focus of this community is to ensure adequate legislation to protect patients worldwide from risky trends and potentially dangerous treatments.


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