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In the dynamic and continuously evolving world of cosmetic aesthetics, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends, innovative treatments, and newly released research and we are dedicated to being your reliable hub for everything in cosmetic aesthetics. We will bring engaging, well-researched articles, insightful experts’ views, ground-breaking news, and easy-to-understand informational content. 


Differentiation With Lumi Eyes Polynucleotide Under Eyes blog

Differentiation With Lumi Eyes Polynucleotide Under Eyes

What is Lumi Eyes? Lumi Eyes, a polynucleotide under eyes treatment, has been gaining popularity in the UK. In April 2024, Dr Kieren Bong unveiled his exclusive treatment protocol, Polynucleotide EyeBright, an amalgamation of high-concentration polynucleotide and Botox, administered with

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Fix Lopsided Upper Lip With Lip Filler

Fix Lopsided Upper Lip With Lip Filler

Aesthetic Precision: More than Just Injections Highly esteemed aesthetic doctor Dr Kieren Bong expertly operates Essence Medical’s clinic under the strapline “Still you, Just Better.” What sets Dr Bong apart is not just his renowned reputation in his field but also

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What are Polynucleotides anti-ageing treatment

What Are Polynucleotides – Anti-ageing Treatment

Introducing Polynucleotides The aesthetics industry is constantly evolving, with fresh innovations regularly making waves. One such exciting development is the introduction of polynucleotides (PNs), a trailblazing injectable treatment generating an enthusiastic buzz in the field. This method plays a critical

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What is Botox resistance And how can you avoid it

What is Botox resistance? And how can you avoid it?

Botox is often hailed as the go-to solution for wrinkles, almost like a magic wand in cosmetic treatments. When in the hands of a skilled cosmetic doctor, success in rejuvenating your skin/appearance is virtually guaranteed. But what happens when Botox

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Couture Lip™ Filler in Glasgow Case Study

Couture Lip™ Filler in Glasgow – Case Study

Sharon, a vibrant 30-year-old gearing up for her wedding in August 2024, found herself at a crossroads familiar to many: craving fuller, youthful lips for her big day, yet unsure about diving into the world of cosmetic treatments. Her lips

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