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How Long Does Botox Last

Understanding How Long Anti-Wrinkle or Botox Injections Last

There’s a widespread misunderstanding about how long Botox injections maintain their effects. Contrary to what some patients may believe, the treatment’s effectiveness does not remain consistent from the first day till four months later.

How Long Does Botox LastThe image here explains the various stages of the treatment and gives a realistic portrait of the outcomes to expect.

Statistically, the treatment preserves its ‘frozen’ effect for approximately 75 days or approximately two and a half months – yes, just two and a half months! Here’s a breakdown of the stages:

Stage 1 (Weeks 1-2):

Your treatment begins to work from day 3 and reaches its peak effect by day 14.

Stage 2 (Weeks 2-6):

This period typically upholds the maximum muscle relaxation. Therefore, the treated areas experience minimal to no movement. However, beyond this stage, the treatment’s effectiveness and intensity will progressively decrease, and you will start noticing subtle movements coming back.

Stage 3 (Week 8):

The efficaciousness of your treatment continues to diminish, bringing back some partial movement. Nevertheless, the movement remains much softer than it was before the treatment.

Stage 4 (Weeks 12-16):

The signs of your anti-wrinkle injections’ effects wearing off become more noticeable. This stage is particularly significant if you have not consistently maintained your treatment once every 4 to 6 months. At this stage, your muscle movements should begin to revert back to the way they were before the treatment, suggesting that it’s time to repeat the procedure.

Botox injectionDr Kieren Bong is acknowledged as one of the most in-demand Botox specialists in Glasgow. His expertise has led him to deliver lectures in more than 60 countries worldwide.



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