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Not every lip filler injection is the same

Before And After Lip Filler Picture

Not every lip filler injection is the same!


Barely a week goes by without media coverage of another ‘bad lip-plumping filler’. If you did not know better, you would think that all lip filler injectors in Glasgow and Edinburgh are the same and that all lip jobs look fake and overfilled. Unfortunately, some people have had terrible experiences or been deterred from having lip filler injections because they do not know better.

The simple fact is that it is hard to spot a good ‘lip job’ in real life. A cosmetic doctor who is skilled and highly experienced focuses more on the natural reshaping and recontouring of the lips, with less emphasis on volume – not a trout pout in sight!

Our patient

Our patient felt that her top lip has become much thinner over the years. She was understandably anxious about it looking evident that she had had lip filler. Being a mother of two teenage boys, she wanted natural and age-appropriate results and planned to have filler injected into her top lip.

Assessment and planning

As our patient has a small mouth, I knew to focus more on shaping and contouring the lips rather than volumising. Too much volume in a small mouth can make it look pouty. Therefore, I always shape and contour both the top and bottom lips. This is important because we want to ensure that both lips’ contours match, giving a natural appearance.

A middle-aged woman like this patient is looking to restore lost lip volume and recreate a border at the lip-skin junction where lipstick bleeds onto the skin. Many of these patients have structural defects that need rebuilding, such as a flattened or non-existent Cupid’s bow and lack of eversion in the top lip. Restoring the shape and contour of the upper lip can be particularly challenging if it has suffered significant volume loss. With the lengthening of the skin above the top lip, the top lip turns inward into the oral cavity.

Our before and after picture results and client feedback:

Before and After Lip Filler Middle age Woman

Dr Bong is a true genius and the best in his profession. He takes the time to assess your face and advises what can be achieved. He listens, listens and listens very carefully. I absolutely love my lips, so much that I have referred three friends and counting!

Advanced Technique


Dr Bong’s advanced lip contouring and shaping techniques are unique and exclusive to Essence Medical. He has honed and perfected his style over the years. As a result, Dr Bong can enhance or restore a more natural shape to your lips and help you get fuller, more sensual lips.

We aim to achieve a subtle effect for your lips to look natural and age-appropriate. Lips need to suit your face, and strengthening the shape and contour of the lips with subtle enhancement can improve the overall appearance of your face. For a good treatment, we may also need to treat the area around the mouth.

  • Achieving a more sensual look
  • Providing more balance to facial feature
  • Restoring lost volume and shape
  • Increase self-confidence in your appearance

Virtually Pain-Free

Dr Bong has developed a technique enabling him to offer virtually pain-free lip filler injections in Glasgow without needing either anaesthetic injections or topical numbing cream. Many of our patients have been pleasantly surprised by how painless Dr Bong’s lip filler treatment is. The most discomfort you will feel is a sensation of a pinch as the needle breaks the skin. So you will be expecting some pain. But no, nothing – your eyes will not even water! Lip filler treatment should be exciting, and you should not worry about discomfort and pain.

Please find out more on our treatment page (click here).


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