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Male Cosmetic Enhancement From Muscle Growing to Looksmaxxing

Male Cosmetic Enhancement: From Muscle Growing to “Looksmaxxing”

Dr Kieren Bong, aesthetic doctor and owner of Essence Medical, commented on the rising trend of “looksmaxxing” – a term coined to describe the quest ...
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Non Surgical Nose Job

Everything you need to know about non-surgical rhinoplasty

The non-surgical 15-minute nose job is a new and exciting alternative available to people interested in enhancing/improving the shape and contour of their noses without ...
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Botox Filler Trends 2021

Injectable Facial Treatment Trends 2021

2021 is fast approaching. As 2020 closes and 2021 begins, what big trends in non-surgical cosmetic procedures will the new year bring? Bespoke lip augmentation ...
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