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Dissolve Double Chin Jowls with Fat Dissolving Injection

Always disliked that double chin you were born with or that you gained under your chin over the years? Submental fullness is a medical term for a double chin. Fat dissolving injections in Glasgow are one of the few non-surgical options that has been clinically proven and approved for melting away a double chin.

Our patient, Janet, is a 49 years-old woman who feels that her double chin makes her appear older and more overweight or out-of-shape than she is. She has been upset by the appearance of her double chin for many years because she feels it creates the impression of being overweight or unhealthy, even though this is not the case. She has tried exercising, losing weight, and having a healthy diet but has not successfully shifted this stubborn pocket of fat. Today, she finally has a non-surgical option.

“I have always hated my profile and inherited a puffy under chin area from my mother. My double chin was exacerbated by contraceptive-induced weight gain. Enter fat dissolving injections. I am so happy I got it done. Six weeks on, my double chin has reduced by half. I am going to go for a second session. Thank you, Dr Bong.”

Many people get very hung up about the name of the medication used in this procedure. But, be it Aqualyx, Kybella or Belkyra fat melting injections, these medications are remarkably similar. What makes all the difference is the skills and experience of the injector.

The active ingredient in these medications is deoxycholic acid, a molecule chemically similar to a bile acid produced in the liver. This fluid is stored in the gall bladder for use during the digestion of fats as it breaks down fat globules and emulsifies the contents. When Aqualyx, Kybella or Belkyra is injected into a double chin for fat dissolving in Glasgow, the deoxycholic acid disrupts the cellular membrane of fat cells, causing cellular death. The dead adipose cells are cleaned out of the area over time by your body’s waste removal system. These medications are approved for localised fat removal but may require several treatments to achieve the desired results.

Our cosmetic doctor, Dr Kieren Bong, has over ten years of experience administering fat dissolving and melting injections in Glasgow. What differentiates one clinician from the other is their appreciation for the depth of the injection.  Instead, Dr Bong uses a blunt-tipped, flexible instrument which will only move within the fat tissue by its blunt tip. This instrument enables precise placement of the medication, thereby increasing the success rate of this treatment.

Dr Bong’s extensive experience in carrying out this procedure ensures that the medication is dispensed evenly throughout the different layers of adipose tissue for maximum effect. When a doctor uses a short and sharp needle, the medication is deposited locally within a small and confined area. The long, blunt-tipped, and flexible instrument allows a more even medication distribution throughout the treated areas. Find our more on our treatment page here.

“I am really happy with the results I got from one session of treatment. I still have a small pouch of fat under my chin so I will have another session to sharpen my jawline up a bit more.”

If you are bothered by your double chin and want to learn more about potential treatment options, come and learn about Aqualyx, Kybella, Belkyra fat dissolving and melting injections in Glasgow Edinburgh by scheduling a consultation with our expert cosmetic doctor. Contact Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic on 0141-8949098 for more information.


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