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Droopy eyelid after botox

Droopy Eyelid After Botox

If you’ve recently experienced a droopy eyelid after receiving Botox treatment, it’s essential to ascertain the cause. The first step is to schedule an appointment with your treatment provider, who can establish whether it’s a consequence of eyebrow ptosis (drooping) or an actual droopy eyelid issue.

Instances of upper eyelid droop following Botox treatments are considerably rare. Most often, a sensation of heaviness in the upper eyelid after Botox injections in the forehead results from over-paralysis of the forehead muscle, which causes the eyebrow to droop and press the upper eyelid downward.


Several elements can contribute to puffy upper eyelids or droopy upper eyelids post-Botox injection in the forehead:

  1. The Injection Pattern: The muscles in your forehead, known as ‘frontalis,’ control the raising of your eyebrows. Thus, the design of the Botox injections can directly impact the level at which the muscle fibres in this area relax. Put simply, the proficiency and knowledge of the injector significantly influence the risk of this side-effect.

  2. The Dose Injected: Botox is essentially a muscle relaxer. Quite often, the less administered, the better. Patients hoping for lasting results may request an elevated dose, increasing the risk of over-relaxing the muscle, leading to upper eyelid drooping due to frontalis over-paralysis.

People with additional forehead skin and those with severe horizontal forehead lines – an indication of excess, loose skin – are more prone to eyebrow ptosis post-Botox treatment.


Should your upper eyelid droop due to eyebrow ptosis, the condition generally resolves within six weeks and doesn’t necessitate any medical intervention. However, a droopy eyelid stemming from Botox treatment, caused by a different mechanism, may endure more. While an eyedrop may stimulate a dormant upper eyelid muscle, it’s typically ineffective.

One of the favourable aspects of Botox injections is that any issue it may cause tends to resolve itself naturally. In contrast, when the desired results are achieved, people wish they could last forever. Botox is a highly efficient treatment for mitigating horizontal forehead lines.

Experiencing a mild flattening of the eyebrows after a forehead Botox treatment, especially if you have spare loose skin on the forehead, is expected. Remember that a pre-existing condition of eyebrow droop does not guarantee you’ll encounter this side effect in future treatments. Each Botox session predicates a variable bodily response, and your anatomy may have experienced changes following previous treatments. This makes consulting with an experienced cosmetic doctor imperative. They’ll assess your musculature and account for all the factors above to offer you the most effective treatment.

Dr Bong at Essence Medical is at the forefront of this field and is well-respected for his skill set and knowledge. If you have concerns about Botox treatment or its side effects, contact us for a consultation. We stand behind our strapline: “𝑺𝒕𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝒀𝒐𝒖 – 𝑱𝒖𝒔𝒕 𝑩𝒆𝒕𝒕𝒆𝒓,” ensuring your care and comfort while helping you achieve the best version of you.


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