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Can you get rid of dermal filler

Can you get rid of dermal fillers?

In this article, we are looking at what you should do if you want to get rid of dermal fillers or reduce excess. Since 2018, the UK has sadly witnessed ‘cosmetic cowboys’ popping up all over the country, injecting dermal fillers with little training or experience. The UK is arguably Europe’s most unregulated country regarding who can and cannot inject dermal fillers.

Unskilled beauty therapists now offer lip fillers for bargain basement prices by targeting naïve clients on social media with special online offers. In recent years, there has been a proliferation of pharmacists, podiatrists, physiotherapists, paramedics etc. – collectively known as ‘allied healthcare professionals’ – offering cheap dermal filler treatments. Unfortunately, if something goes wrong, some of these ‘practitioners’ shut down their social media pages and open up another business under a different name. At the same time, the patient ends up in the Accident & Emergency department. More and more often, these poor patients are attending specialist cosmetic doctors such as Dr Kieren Bong to have these botched dermal filler procedures corrected.

Get rid of unwanted filler in Glasgow

If dermal fillers are placed incorrectly, excessively, or unevenly, please visit us for a consultation with Dr Kieren Bong. Our terms and conditions can be found here.We are one of Scotland’s regional referral centres for the reversal and correction of unwanted dermal fillers and one of the most established clinics. Dr Bong’s expert opinion on addressing the complications associated with unwanted dermal fillers is sought by nurses, doctors, and surgeons across the country – so you will be in trusted hands.

Why consider reversing dermal fillers?

You may wish to reverse or dissolve dermal fillers in Glasgow for several reasons. You may have experienced side effects or are merely unhappy with your results. Reversing your fillers will essentially undo the outcome of your treatment and revert your face to its natural appearance. The most common reasons we have seen patients looking to dissolve dermal fillers include:

  • Not happy with results – the filler has not given the desired results.
  • Incorrect placement – this may lead to an unexpected or unnatural-looking result.
  • Too much filler – over-injection of filler can cause an unnatural or ‘done’ look. In the cheeks, this can cause a ‘chipmunk’ appearance, and if too much filler is injected into the lips, it can give a stiff and unnatural appearance.
  • Asymmetry – the filler has been placed unevenly in your face, disturbing the natural contour or creating an unbalanced or irregular appearance.
  • Lumps – these can appear due to poor technique or incorrect choice of filler by the practitioner.
  • Discolouration – this is known as Tyndall’s effect, and we discussed this in detail in one of our blog articles. In short, if the filler has been injected too superficially into the skin, light to dark blue discolouration may appear. This is most commonly seen in the tear trough area.
  • Infection or granuloma – filler may cause a harmful bodily reaction, in which case the filler must be dissolved to prevent the infection from spreading.
  • Emergency blood vessel occlusion – While rare, a filler injected into an artery may cause a blockage, which cuts off the oxygen supply to the surrounding tissue.

Am I a candidate for reversal/correction of dermal fillers?

It depends on which dermal filler you had injected. Filler reversal is only effective on HA fillers, so it will not work on Radiesse, Artefill, or Silicone. Suppose you are not happy with the result of having one of those fillers injected. In that case, the only option is to wait until they dissolve naturally (Radiesse) or remove them surgically (Artefill and Silicone).

If you are unsure which filler you have had, filler reversal is always worth a try before resorting to the cost and downtime associated with surgical removal.

Filler removal/correction in Glasgow

Dermal fillers are generally not harmful, provided they are injected by a specialist cosmetic doctor such as our Dr Kieren Bong. Though side effects and complications associated with dermal fillers are not common, it is essential to seek treatment if you experience any of the side effects mentioned above. The reversal treatment must be performed by a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic doctor with a sound knowledge of facial anatomy to achieve the best outcome. Drawing on years of experience and a sharp aesthetic vision, Dr Bong is the ‘go-to doctor’ in Scotland to correct or dissolve unwanted or excessive dermal fillers.


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