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Botox Filler Trends 2021

Injectable Facial Treatment Trends 2021

2021 is fast approaching. As 2020 closes and 2021 begins, what big trends in non-surgical cosmetic procedures will the new year bring? Bespoke lip augmentation and ‘selfie-ready’ skin beautifying treatments are just a few of the trends our expert cosmetic doctor believes will rule the medical facial aesthetics market in the year ahead.

Bespoke lip shaping and contouring filler

Subtle and natural lip enhancement filler treatment Glasgow Edinburgh

At Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic in Glasgow, Dr Kieren Bong offers bespoke, advanced shaping and contouring of the lips with premium soft tissue filler. Dr Bong calls this treatment ‘couture lips’. Nowadays, more and more patients are willing to pay a bit more for bespoke, sensuous and natural-looking lips.

The anatomy of the lip and mouth area is quite complex. The lips are composed of a number of different parts namely the vermillion border, the body of the lip, and philtral columns. The body of the lips consists of a wet and dry section, and the philtral columns are the vertical ridges which run from the Cupid’s bow to the nose. Each of these areas have a different stiffness and they move differently. Hence, during the assessment of your lips prior to any lip filler injection, Dr Bong always examine the lips at rest as well as in movement.

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Selfie-ready skin rejuvenation

PhotoReady skin hydration injection Glasgow

There is a reason why the ‘flawless skin’ trend generated popularity last year and the year before. Stemming from Australia, Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic began offering the PhotoReady treatment in 2018. To date we are the only clinic in Europe to offer this unique treatment, which involves injections of high potency skin hydrating booster serum incorporated with Botox. Administering this combination of injections in the outer layers of the skin stimulates contraction of the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines and other skin texture concerns. The high potency hydrating serum induces a cascade of physiological mechanisms culminating in an intense skin hydrating process, giving the skin the much-needed radiance, smoothness and dewiness which patients often seek. In other words, this treatment is like a real-life selfie filter, correcting skin texture concerns without the need for harsh chemical skin peels or post-selfie photo editing.

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Filler injection to define jawline

Jaw filler definition Glasgow

This is getting very popular and we have more and more women in Scotland asking to have fillers in the jawline to have a more chiselled jaw. Some women get a small amount of filler in the angle of the jaw to help define their profile and highlight the jawline. Facial assessment and treatment planning are vital, along with good knowledge of the required key injection points and the correct quantity of filler to use, to ensure that the line between femininity and masculinity is not blurred unless intended. Jawline contouring is also great for softening the appearance of sagging jowls in middle-aged women. When carried out skilfully, it can drastically improve jaw definition and in turn, transform the facial profile.

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Remove pockets of stubborn fat

Dissolve fat in neck Glasgow

2021 will also be about face slimming, so we expect to see more non-invasive fat dissolving procedures in Glasgow.

Not everyone wants to undergo a surgical face lift, mainly due to its long recovery period, the risk of general anaesthetics and the inherent risks of complications associated with going ‘under the knife’. Because of this, our fat dissolving treatment have risen in popularity and we expect this treatment to be even more sought-after in 2021. This treatment allows our patients to remove localised stubborn pockets of fat in the jowls and underside of the chin by destroying fat cells with a specially formulated medication. As the procedure targets localised fat and improves the silhouette permanently by dissolving fat cells from the treated area, it is the ideal option for people who do not want to put up with long down time associated with surgery.

Unlike cheap fat dissolving treatment mainly offered by beauticians and cosmetic nurses, this specially formulated medication we use is more potent and can only be administered by specially trained cosmetic doctors who have had many years of experience in fat dissolving procedures. The technique and instrument we use in this treatment allows us to ensure that virtually 100% of the medication is injected within the fat layer for the most optimal results.

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Contouring filler

Face contour and volume filler Glasgow

Fillers can seem rather daunting if you are new to non-surgical facial aesthetics interventions, but our advanced facial contouring treatment with dermal filler can transform your appearance in a matter of 30 minutes and has zero downtime.

Our Dr Kieren Bong invented this technique around 9-10 years ago and it has been refined and improved over the years, offering a tailored approach to sculpting and contouring of one’s face with premium dermal fillers. It aims to make you look more youthful and enhance and define the natural angles without the puffiness commonly associated with cheap dermal filler treatments carried out by practitioners who lack the relevant skills and experience. This procedure normally involves the use of a combination of different grades of dermal fillers to create a natural-looking contour to the face. The areas we typically treat in combination are the cheeks, chin, jawline and nasolabial folds, but not every case will need all these areas treated and the amount of filler needed for each person can vary completely.
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Baby Botox


Say goodbye to the usual Botox treatment that freezes the skin, leaving you an almost plastic appearance, and say hello to Baby Botox Glasgow. ‘Baby Botox’, when carried out skilfully, is the usual Botox procedure, but it gives a more subtle and delicate result. The trick is in the placement, distribution and dose of each of the Botox injections. For a natural result, it requires many years of experience in administering advanced Botox and an acute vision for refined facial aesthetics.

This procedure is still effective in softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but without the frozen and shiny forehead; it allows our patients to look and feel natural as natural facial movements are not completely stopped. Many of our patients prefer this version of Botox because of its preventative component without compromising on the preservation of natural facial expressions.

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Non-surgical nose reshaping

Non surgical Nose Reshaping

This is an aesthetic treatment that has recently risen in popularity because of its non-invasive nature. We have seen the demand for this procedure increase by 30% in 2020 and expect this to rise over the course of 2021.
By carefully injecting premium dermal filler above and below the ‘bump’ on the nose, we can quickly and easily make the most ‘hooked’ of noses look almost completely straight. This procedure can also be used to make the tip of the nose look thinner and more refined. Being non-surgical, it means less risk, less downtime, fewer side effects and yet we can achieve virtually similar results. The advancement of technology in dermal fillers over the years have enabled us to do so much in just 15 minutes and the procedure is practically painless. Our Dr Kieren Bong was one of the first doctors to pioneer the technique of the non-surgical rhinoplasty in Glasgow now carried out by doctors and nurses all over the UK.

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Tear Trough Filler

Tear Trough Filler in Edinburgh

This is by far one of our most popular dermal filler treatments thanks to Dr Bong’s world renowned Two Point Eye Lift™ technique. 8 years ago, he invented this technique which is now internationally accepted as one of the safest and most effective techniques for softening the appearance of tear trough hollow using dermal fillers. This technique is now used in over 50 countries.

This treatment is unlike other filler procedures which can change the shape of your face like your cheeks or lips; it involves carefully administering small amounts of fillers under the eye (the concave area between your lower eyelid and upper cheek) to fill in hollowness and instantly giving you a more rested appearance.

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