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Pain free Glasgow lip filler treatment

Painless Lip Filler Injections

One of the most asked questions about lip filler injections is ‘does it hurt’? It is a common concern among first-time patients, so if you are worried about excessive discomfort, you are not alone!

What are lip fillers?

Firstly, let us understand the concept of what lip fillers do. Today’s premium lip fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), naturally found in our body. HA has a high affinity to water; each molecule of HA can hold up to 1,000 times its molecular weight in water. This is why HA is one of the most popular ingredients in your skincare products. However, a topical product has limited capability because it cannot penetrate the outer layers of your skin to reach a depth where it can have a lasting and noticeable impact.

“My patients don’t come to me asking for big pouty lips. They want classy and sensual-looking lips that are natural and age-appropriate” Dr Kieren Bong.


Because HA is something our body produces, there is virtually no risk of an allergic reaction. Once injected into the lips, it is easily broken down over months. The risks with HA filler over, say, silicone injections are incomparable. However, if something were to go wrong, there is an antidote. Based in Glasgow city centre, Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic is one of Scotland’s referral centres for dissolving unwanted filler.

Are lip fillers safe?

Lip filler injections are a medical treatment, so there is always a risk that something could go wrong. This is why it is vital only to have this treatment done by an expert cosmetic doctor. It is tempting to have this treatment in a beauty salon or a clinic offering a ‘special offer’. A beautician or a nurse injector may not have the skills, experience, and expertise comparable to our expert cosmetic doctor. Unfortunately, UK legislation for medical aesthetic procedures is practically non-existent, so much so that it is embarrassing compared to other European countries. If you are tempted by a cheaper offer at a beauty salon or by a nurse who lacks experience, do not risk it.

Are lip filler injections in Glasgow painful?

Lip filler injections have a reputation for being painful. Some practitioners offer anaesthetic injections to numb the lips. Some apply topical anaesthetic cream before the injections. Whether you want anaesthetic cream or injections, your lips will swell up shortly after. Not only does this make accurate injection difficult, but it can also cause prolonged swelling. Some topical anaesthetic creams even promote dilatation of blood vessels, thereby increasing the risk of excessive bruising.

“I have had lip injections at other clinics and was in tears during the treatment. But when Dr Bong injected my lips, it was painless. No numbing cream or injection and no pain! Unbelievable!” Naomi


Over the years, our expert cosmetic doctor has developed a technique enabling him to offer virtually pain-free lip filler injections in Glasgow without needing either anaesthetic injections or topical numbing cream. Many of our patients have been pleasantly surprised by how painless Dr Bong’s lip filler treatment is. The most discomfort you will feel is a sensation of a pinch as the needle breaks the skin, and that is it. Of course, you will expect some pain, but nothing – your eyes will not even water!

Please find out more on our treatment page (click here).



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