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This treatment is unique to each individual, depending upon various factors. However, Dr Bong is one of only a few cosmetic doctors in Britain with the experience and skills to offer a deep Phenol peel that does not require sedation or general anaesthetic and has minimal discomfort.

To get an exact costing, please schedule a consultation with Dr Bong for him to design a bespoke treatment approach and address any concerns that you have. Our prices are competitive, and an international expert will perform your treatments. We believe our patients deserve the utmost safety in our care and are committed to offering reliable, safe and effective results.

Medium Face Peel
Peel Type 1 Treatment 4 Treatment Course
Essence Superficial Peel (saving of £120 on Treatment course of 4) £120 £360
Medium Depth Peel (Doctor Grade) (saving of £200 on 4 Treatment Course) £400 £1400
Deep Phenol Peel - Full Face £2,500
Phenol Light Peel - Full Face £2000
Phenol Deep Peel - Smokers Lines £1,500

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, you should schedule an appointment for a face-to-face consultation with our cosmetic doctor to discuss your concerns and desired outcomes from this procedure. Dr Bong will listen to your concerns, examine your face carefully, and establish if you are suitable for this treatment. Our terms and conditions can be found here.

The consultation may or may not lead to your having the treatment, depending on how long it takes to conclude your consultation.

Prices include a review appointment (if clinically indicated) that takes place two weeks after your first treatment.

We accept cash or the following major credit and debit cards. We do not accept personal cheques.

If you are a new patient, a booking fee will be taken at the point of making your appointment.  Please read our full terms and conditions here.

We respect that your time is valuable, and we appreciate that you understand ours is too. Unfortunately, if appointments are cancelled or rescheduled at short notice, or if you do not attend an appointment, we cannot allocate your appointment slot to someone else; however, we still have overheads and staff salaries to pay. Please read our full terms and conditions here.

Please note for all patients, a £50 fee will be charged if you cancel or reschedule ANY appointment (including appointments which do not require an upfront deposit, such as a ‘check-up’ or review appointment) less than 48 hours before the appointment time. Patients who have pre-purchased a course of treatment will forfeit one of the treatments instead of paying this fee.

Late arrival to your appointment may result in reduced treatment time or the forfeiting of the appointment. We will endeavour to ensure that your appointment runs on time. However, for reasons beyond our control, we may need to cancel or postpone your appointment at short notice. In this unlikely event, we will try to contact you in advance. We do not offer compensation if we cancel or postpone your appointment.

Please read our full terms and conditions here.

To help our patients minimise the chance of losing their deposit or pre-paid treatments, we issue text reminders a minimum of 48 hours ahead of appointments. Patients should be aware that there may be reasons beyond our control, meaning that the text message does not reach them. Patients should diarise themselves when making follow-up appointments and not rely solely on the text message from the clinic as a reminder.

Very pleased with the results of my Botox treatment. Amazing!

I enjoyed the treatment and will most definitely be keen to continue with your clinic – the most professional place I have been to and the service is outstanding! 10/10. I will recommend you to my friends.

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