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What You Need To Know About Dissolving or Removing Lip Fillers

Have your lip fillers gone wrong, or don’t you like the result of your recent lip filler injections? In this article, our expert cosmetic doctor, Dr Kieren Bong, gives comprehensive advice on this topic and the issues you should consider. In addition, Dr Bong will discuss the benefits and risks of dissolving your lip filler with Hyaluronidase, what you can expect from this treatment and under what circumstances you ought to consider having this procedure.

Very importantly, we have extensive experience with this treatment because we are a referral clinic for numerous other practitioners in Scotland, and we see dozens of filler complications each week. We also accept self-referrals where worried patients call us for help.

If you need to make an appointment to have a consultation regarding dissolving unwanted lip filler, please call our Glasgow clinic on 0141-8949098

Lip fillers gone wrong

 Many patients come to us from other ‘clinics’ or mobile injectors describing ‘lopsided lips’, ‘trout pout’, unevenness, ‘duck lips’ or other unsightly lumps and bumps following their lip filler treatment.

You have two options if you are dealing with these symptoms:

  • Leave the filler in situ and let it naturally dissolve over time
  • Get them dissolved with Hyaluronidase

As lip fillers become more technologically advanced, the manufacturers have been able to make them more resistant to your body’s metabolism, giving them better staying power. But, unfortunately, this means you can be stuck with your bad results for quite a long time. Depending on the product, we are talking months or even years!

While mechanical massage and exposure to heat can encourage the filler to be broken up by your body more quickly, it can still take a long time in reality.

Dissolving treatment works to dissolve your lip fillers over just 2-3 days, often with you seeing noticeable results after just 24 hours.

Dissolve lip filler in Glasgow with Hyalase

Hyalase is a medication we use to remove unwanted lip fillers. It is a prescription-only medication and should ONLY be prescribed and administered by a medical professional.

In other words, Hyalase SHOULD NOT be used by:

  • Beauticians
  • Hairdressers
  • Non-medical professionals

Dissolving lip fillers with Hyalase is only ever safe when performed by medically trained hands. So please visit a cosmetic doctor or an experienced medical professional.

Starting with a blank canvas

Dissolving your lip filler does not mean you are ruling yourself out of any future lip filler treatment. On the contrary, we see increasing numbers of patients who have been getting lip fillers for years requesting to have their filler dissolved and ‘start from scratch’. Starting with a blank canvas means our cosmetic doctor can work with you to gradually shape and contour your lips for a more natural result which is age appropriate. This is a popular request for those who have previously desired fuller and more volumized lips in their youth and are beginning to prefer a more natural-looking appearance. In addition, we have extensive experience in dissolving unwanted fillers so that we can adapt our approach to your preference.

Cost of dissolving unwanted lip filler in Glasgow

The cost of dissolving or removing botched-up lip filler can be found on our treatment page, and depending on the complexity of the treatment, the cost may vary. Most of our patients pay £300-£400 per treatment. While we do not pretend that our prices are the cheapest, both your consultation and treatment will be carried out by an international expert in this procedure.

There are risks associated with administering Hyalase. It contains animal protein which you can be allergic to in rare circumstances. Also, the procedure is more complex than flooding the area with Hyalase. Our cosmetic doctor injects this medication into the different depths of the tissue, ensuring that it comes into contact with and therefore dissolves all the filler.

Whether you are considering having lip filler in Glasgow and Edinburgh for the first time, are looking to have a top-up treatment, or would like to get rid of your existing filler and start from the beginning, call us on 0141-8949098 to schedule a consultation with our cosmetic doctor.


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