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Welcome to our video gallery where Dr Kieren Bong shares his knowledge and techniques for non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Widely recognised as an international leader in facial aesthetics treatments, Dr Bong is a world-renowned trainer, key opinion leader and expert speaker on advanced medical facial aesthetics procedures such as Botox, HA dermal fillers, facial contouring and volumising, etc.

Patients have driven and flown in from Scandinavian countries and Western Europe for his unique expertise, touch and skills. His time is split between international training and speaking commitments worldwide and working with his clients in the UK.

Dr Kieren Bong Aesthetic Conference Speaker and Trainer


In the videos below, Dr Bong shares his knowledge and techniques, which have led him to be considered one of the top cosmetic doctors in Europe and Asia.

YouTUBE Channel

Our YouTube Channel contains the entire catalogue of Dr Bong’s videos, from tear-trough rejuvenation with dermal fillers and Botox and filler case studies to client testimonials and his teaching masterclasses worldwide.

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