With Dermal Fillers

Many patients inquire about how to reverse the effects of ageing without resorting to a surgical procedure as the initial step. In other cases, patients with a receding or weak jawline feel that their appearance can be vastly improved if they had just a touch more definition or volume.

This treatment can be undertaken to accomplish any of the following:

1. Create a stronger looking jawline

2. Balance out your lower face

3. Improve your front-on appearance

4. Improve your side on profile

5. Stop trying to hide your jawline or chin behind your hands or your facial hair (beards)

More Defined Jawline | Reduce Sagging Jowls

When you decide to improve your jawline, you have two options: injectable fillers or surgery. If you do not wish to go under the knife, we start with injectable fillers. This option – coupled with Dr Bong’s expert skills and techniques – offer you 9-18 months of correction.

A surgical procedure is very different. Your results are permanent and much more dramatic. However, the recovery time is much longer. With fillers, on the other hand, you can have a correction done in a matter of minutes, see immediate results, and be on your way.

International Expert Cosmetic Doctor

Widely recognised as one of Europe’s top cosmetic doctors, Dr Bong frequently receives invitations to various countries in Europe and Asia to train other doctors and surgeons. Dr Bong has been an expert guest speaker at conferences in more than 60 countries and trained doctors/surgeons in more than 80 countries.

Dr Bong is well known for his methods of achieving beautiful yet incredibly natural cosmetic results with minimal pain, bruising and down time.

Jawline Contour & Shaping FAQ

What are jawline fillers?

Dermal fillers are different types of injectable substances that are used to add volume to the face. The fillers we use are made of hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance found in the skin too. HA draws water to itself and holds it in the tissues, thus adding volume to the face.

Dermal fillers are frequently used for several areas of the face:

• With facial ageing – to restore contour and volume

• Cheek augmentation and definition

• Lip enhancement and volume

• Soften the appearance of undereye hollows and tear troughs

Is injecting dermal fillers in the jawline safe?

Rest assured — a filler jaw injection is safe, as long as you entrust the procedure to an experienced and skilled professional. It is not something you want just anyone to do — and definitely not something you want to try at home. Dr Bong is an internationally recognised expert doctor. He has delivered lectures at medical conferences in over 40 countries and trained doctors and surgeons from over 80 countries. Dr Bong’s unique skills and techniques ensure that not only your treatment is safe and effective, the results are natural and age-appropriate.

Am I suitable for this treatment?

The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’. There is a good chance you can enhance – or at least improve – your jawline using dermal fillers.

It all depends on your anatomy, so not everyone is suitable for jaw enhancement and contouring using dermal fillers. But for many people, this treatment CAN enhance (or restore) a somewhat stronger jawline when this treatment is carried out with Dr Bong’s unique technique. You would be surprised what reshaping and recontouring the jawline can do to strengthen and balance the lower facial features

How to prepare for your treatment

If you decide you would like to try the use of injectable dermal fillers to reshape and contour your jawline, first, contact us on 0141-8949098 to schedule a free consultation. You are required to have a face-to-face consultation prior to having this treatment. During the consultation, Dr Bong will examine your face and specifically your jawline, jaw angle, cheeks and chin. Dr Bong will then offer you a treatment plan and quote you a price. He will also discuss in detail the advantages and limitations of this treatment and the alternatives. It depends on how long it takes to conclude the consultation, there might not be enough time for you to have the treatment on the same visit. For the best experience with fillers, follow these tips so you know what to do and what to expect.

1. Know your budget

Before your consultation, know what you can afford to do. Then be willing to discuss with Dr Bong about what it would take to get the best result. It takes several syringes of filler to get the correction you are hoping for — and that can get expensive. However, if you can only afford a little, it is okay to start with that amount. Then you can always get more as finances allow.

Also, be willing to discuss your budget with Dr Bong. Perhaps hiding your budget seems like a smart move or perhaps you might feel embarrassed to admit your limits, but it is best to be up front. If you let Dr Bong know what you can afford, he can help you plan for getting the most from your investment.

2. Avoid blood-thinning medication and drinks

Anytime you have an injection, bruising is a possibility, even though this is not common. So, to do your part in minimising bruising, avoid medication or food which cause your blood to thin in the three days leading up to your injections. This includes medications such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Diclofenac or St. John’s Wart. Drinks such as Coca Cola, Redbull, tea, coffee and alcohol should be avoided 24 hours prior to having the treatment. When you stay away from those products, you ensure a better outcome that leaves you looking as natural as possible after your procedure.

3. Come with clean skin

We want to administer the injections into clean, makeup-free skin. We advise that you cleanse your skin before your appointment and come without makeup.

4. Eat

Enjoy a good meal before your injection. Sometimes, if you have not had anything to eat, you can feel weak or faint with the injections. So, have a regular lunch or breakfast before your appointment.

The procedure

The filler is injected with a micro-cannula (blunt needle) under the skin surface along the line of the jawline, jaw angle and chin.

This revolutionary technique – invented and perfected by Dr Bong, and not available anywhere in Scotland – means the procedure is very safe and result is excellent with no down time at all. No anaesthetic cream is required due to the use of the blunt needle. All of the dermal filler products used at Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic contain pain-reducing lidocaine (local anaesthetic) for a comfortable treatment experience. The procedure can be completed in as little as 20 minutes. The results can be seen instantly and do not affect facial expression.

Is this treatment painful?

Not at all. Dr Bong’s unique technique – not available anywhere in Scotland – coupled with his skills and expertise means the procedure is not traumatic.

No anaesthetic cream is required due to the use of the blunt needle. 90% of our patients do not require any form of anaesthetic agent at all and they describe this procedure as less uncomfortable than getting their eyebrows waxed or threaded. To provide further relief and alleviate as much pain as possible, we use only premium, industry-leading soft tissue fillers which contain pre-mixed anaesthetic agent.

How long does the treatment take?

Appointment times vary, depending on the desired effect, and you are required to attend a face-to-face consultation before the treatment can be carried out. As a rough guide, the treatment can take around 30 minutes.

Will I get scars?

No, you will not get any scars from this treatment.

What is the minimum age to undergo a injectable dermal fillers treatment?

The minimum age is 18 years.

After the procedure

After your filler injection for jawline reshaping and contouring, there may be some mild swelling around the jawline. The body often produces fluid that collects around the fillers temporarily, in response to the trauma during the procedure. In the jawline, this swelling is usually minimal.

Remember, we are administering a gel-like substance into your skin and tissue. It is normal to feel the filler for several weeks after your treatment. This, however, is not noticeable.

Sharp needle vs blunt-tipped instrument

While traditionally soft tissue fillers have always been injected using sharp tip needles, a new alternative to using needles is using blunt tipped cannulas. Although there is a role for both methods of injection, the cannula does offer some excellent benefits to patients.

  1. Sharp needles can pierce veins and arteries beneath the skin. Since blunt cannulas simply push aside any arteries and veins encountered beneath the skin, there is a reduced risk of bleeding and bruising.
  2. Sharp tip needles use a very thin, short, sharp needle to inject dermal fillers. When using needles, multiple injection points are required, which can increase the risk of hitting a vein. If a vein is hit with a needle, there is a higher chance of bruising after the procedure.
  3. Sharp tip needles may also result in trauma to the skin, causing swelling.

Advantages of blunt-tipped cannulas

Cannulas have a hollow bore, just like needles, allowing the filler to pass through into the tissue. However, instead of a sharp tip like needles, cannulas have a rounded, blunt end. It is a bit like a long needle, but the tip is blunt. The process involves numbing the skin with ice, then injecting a small amount of local anesthetic beneath the skin with a tiny needle. When the skin is numb, a needle is used to pierce the skin, and then the cannula is threaded into the puncture site, sliding along the natural planes of tissue, providing access to a large area for filler placement.

  1. Less Pain During Treatment – Being injected multiple times with sharp needles can be painful, but while it may sound a bit uncomfortable to have a cannula beneath your skin, there is very little discomfort. Patients often note that they experience a strange “pushing and tugging” feeling, but there is very little pain. Fewer actual pokes with needles also reduces the amount of pain, even when multiple areas of the face are being treated.
  2. Decreased Risk of Bleeding and Bruising – Sharp needles can pierce veins and arteries beneath the skin. Since blunt cannulas simply push aside any arteries and veins encountered beneath the skin, there’s a reduced risk of bleeding and bruising.
  3. A Safer Option – When using needles for filler injections, one of the scariest potential complications is accidentally injecting filler into an artery, which can cause tissue death. In extremely rare cases, blindness has occurred. Cannulas do not pierce arteries, so they offer a much safer option for patients.
  4. Minimal Downtime – Since needle injected fillers can cause swelling and bruising after the procedure, they do often have some social downtime. Since the cannula injection method cuts down on swelling and bruising, there is minimal downtime post-procedure.
  5. Precision – With blunt-tipped cannulas, fillers can be injected more accurately, reducing the amount of filler needed to achieve the desired results.
  6. Greater Flexibility – A much larger surface area can be treated with just a single injection site when using the cannula method, making it possible to get more done with fewer injection points.

Are there any side effects?

The use of a blunt instrument coupled with Dr Bong’s expert technique means side effects are rare. There may be mild bruising and tenderness, but 99% of the time there are no other problems. Results can be seen instantly.

In very rare cases, some people may suffer from biofilm — an inflammation that forms around the gel, which causes redness, inflammation and swelling. To avoid this, we clean the skin thoroughly before we inject the filler in, but this can occasionally happen regardless of precautions and can happen with any type or brand of filler.

Is it dangerous in the wrong hands?

All injections come with risks – swelling, bruising etc. But jaeline is a particularly unique area of the face. We believe that patients need to understand the safety principles of filler injections, and have a healthy fear of filler injections in general.

This treatment is not a procedure you want to shop around for a cheaper deal

Dr Bong has extensive experience in this procedure and his expertise and skills in his field are unparalleled. You will be in the safest of hands.

How can I get the best result?

Depending on the severity of sagging of the jawline and jowls, and the reason which might have caused this appearance, we will advise you the treatments that suit you best. This treatment can be combined with one of Dr Bong’s signature treatments, the 3D Liquid Face Lift. Dr Bong’s 3D Liquid Face Lift entails sculpting and contouring of the cheeks, nasolabial and marionette folds with injectable dermal fillers for a global improvement of your appearance.

The filler is slowly broken down after 12-18 months. However, there are large individual variations. We recommend not waiting until the results are completely gone, and that you return to the clinic before everything is broken down.

After care instructions?

• After your treatment we will again go through with you any after care advice in order to maximise your treatment benefits and avoid any undesirable side effects.

• You can resume normal activities, drive yourself home or return to work immediately after the treatment.

• As with any type of injection there may be some slight redness immediately afterwards. Camouflage make up may be applied.

• The results directly after the treatment should therefore not be seen as the final results. This is because over the following 2-4 weeks the results will gradually improve.

• For 2 weeks after the treatment you are advised to avoid extreme heat (sun bed or sunbathing) or intense cold.

How long does the result last?

One of the great advantages of the products we use at Essence Medical is that the effects are long lasting but not permanent – therefore you are always in control of your looks and can change your treatment depending on how you are ageing. The results typically last 9-18 months although the exact length of time will depend on the structure of your face and other factors such as lifestyle, age and the degree of perfection demanded by you. Additional touch up treatments can be performed at any time after the initial treatment.

Follow-up and future appointments?

• One of the great advantages of the dermal fillers used at Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic is that the effects are long lasting but not permanent. You are always in control of your looks-you can continue or change the treatment you have had or repeat the procedure as often as you like.

• Most patients having the jawline reshapong and contouring treatment choose to have a follow up treatment 9-12 months after the initial treatment. The aesthetic effects of the treatment vary from person to person depending on the condition of the skin, area treated, amount of product injected and lifestyle factor.

• Routine review appointments are generally not required, however occasionally touch up procedures may be carried out 2-4 weeks after the initial treatment in order to achieve optimal correction and maximise the duration of the results (please note that additional costs WILL be incurred if further product is required).

Who can carry out this treatment?

The skin and tissues in this area are very delicate and there are many blood vessels within this region. Only highly skilled cosmetic practitioners who have undergone advanced training can offer this treatment. Unlike the use of dermal fillers in other parts of the face, this treatment requires skills and experience to minimise risks of complications.

As mentioned above, Dr Bong is an internationally renowned cosmetic doctor and his technique for defining the jawline with dermal fillers is unique. Although his technique is not available anywhere in Scotland, it is widely used in over 30 countries and is internationally accepted as one of the most effective and safest techniques.

What can I expect from my consultation and will I have treatment the same day as my consultation?

You are required to have a face-to-face consultation prior to having this treatment. In the consultation Dr Bong will examine your face and specifically your jawline, jaw angle, cheeks and chin. Dr Bong will then offer you a treatment plan and quote you a price. He will also discuss in detail the advantages and limitations of this treatment and the alternatives. It depends on how long it takes to conclude the consultation, there might not be enough time for you to have the treatment on the same visit. However, if you are travelling from a distance, please do let us know in advance so we can try to accommodate your circumstances.

Why should I have my treatment at Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic?

Doctor-only treatment. Both your consultation and treatment are personally carried out by Dr Bong. He is a fully qualified cosmetic doctor with extensive knowledge in facial anatomy and practical experience of achieving beautiful yet natural results. We believe in a strong doctor-patient relationship. Both your consultation and treatment will be carried out by Dr Bong. As a consequence, he will understand your individual needs.

Industry’s expert – international speaker and key opinion leader. Our cosmetic doctor, Dr Kieren Bong is widely recognised as the industry’s expert. He is an international trainer and guest speaker on advanced facial aesthetics treatments. He is sought after by manufacturers of different technologies, products and procedures for his advice, technical expertise and knowledge. Dr Bong has been a guest expert speaker at conferences in over 60 countries. He has three advanced techniques trademarked under his name and some of these techniques are now used in over 40 countries.

Our principles. The level of information we give you & our follow up systems to ensure you are satisfied with the results.

Honesty. If it can’t be done, we will tell you. If it can, we will explain the options and help you make the right decision.

We are proud of our reputation for outstanding patient care.

Market leading products. We use only market leading brands in the country with the strongest clinical evidence.

strong emphasis on after care. What you do after the procedure is as important as the procedure itself. We will guide you through this period and constantly monitor your progress.

Will I have the treatment in the same visit as my consultation?

You are required to have a face-to-face consultation prior to having this treatment. In the consultation Dr Bong will examine your face and skin in general. Dr Bong will then offer you a treatment plan and quote you a price. He will also discuss in detail the advantages and limitations of this treatment and the alternatives.

After the consultation – and providing you decide to have the treatment – you will be offered another appointment.

How much does it cost?

During your consultation, Dr Bong will formulate a treatment plan for you and advise the exact cost of your treatment. Our prices are competitive, and your treatments will be carried out by an international expert. Dr Bong is well known for his unique methods of achieving beautiful yet natural results with minimal pain and downtime. His technique for this treatment is unique and not available anywhere in Scotland.

We believe our patients deserve the utmost safety in our care and we are committed to offering reliable, safe and effective results. Price for this treatment starts from £700. Exact cost for this treatment will be discussed and finalised during your consultation.

What is your booking and cancellation policy?

When we book an appointment for you, we commit that time and our resources to your treatment. This means that, if anyone else wants to come at the same time, we will be unable to see them and will have to offer them an alternative time. If you do not then attend that appointment and either do not tell us in advance or give insufficient notice, we are unable to allocate the time to someone else; however, we still have overheads and staff salaries to pay during the unproductive time.

Deposits and your credit/debit card details

Unlike other clinics, we do not take any advance deposit or booking fee. The only exception is our Ultrasound Facial treatment where a nominal non-refundable deposit of £50 is required because an external skin therapist is being brought in specially to carry out the procedure for you. This deposit will be redeemed against your Ultrasound Facial treatment.

When booking your appointment, you will be asked to provide us your credit/debit card details. This is your confirmation of your commitment to attend your appointment. Please rest assured that no money will be taken from your card and your details will be securely stored but encrypted for your own privacy. We assure you that your details are fully protected and safe with us.

To cancel or reschedule your appointment

We make appointments with the expectation that you will attend at the agreed date & time to undergo your treatment; if you change your mind or work/other commitments prevent you from attending, we ask you to give us a minimum of 48 hours’ notice (excluding Sunday) so that we can reallocate your appointment slot to another customer.

Non-attendance (including late cancellation)

If you do not attend your appointment, or cancel later than the deadlines shown above, we reserve the right to make a charge as follows:

1. Ultrasound Facial: you will forfeit the £50 deposit

2. All other appointments (including consultation): £50 will be charged to your credit/debit card

Appointment reminders

Please note that, although we normally send text message reminders two days before appointments are due, the successful delivery of these relies on our text provider, your mobile network provider and your phone and cannot therefore be guaranteed.

Therefore, you should not rely on our text messages as the sole reminder of your appointment as we will not be responsible for any appointments missed as a result of non-delivery of the text message reminder, regardless of the reasons for its failure.

I would like more information. Shall I just call your reception and make an appointment?

Yes, absolutely. You will need a consultation with Dr Bong and this is completely free of charge. During the consultation, Dr Bong will discuss in further detail with you what the procedure will entail.

After the consultation – and providing you decide to have the treatment – you will be offered another appointment. Please call us on 0141-8949098 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Stunning Results

Stunning Results

Thank you for the work you have done – I am so pleased with the results. You have a very fine hand

Vicky F, Dundee

I LOVE my jawlines! You took away my jowls in half an hour. I am over the moon and the procedure was surprisingly painless. You are amazing!

Anne K, Glasgow

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