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Dr Kieren Bong

Dr Kieren Bong is a leading authority in the realm of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. An internationally-acclaimed speaker and trainer, Dr Bong stands at the forefront of aesthetic medicine, shaping the future of non-invasive treatments through his unparalleled expertise, visionary insights, and charismatic presentations.

Unquestionable Expertise

In an era where it’s all too common to boast about being the best in one’s field, Dr. Bong’s credentials truly stand out. His credibility is substantiated through his well-established international presence, Dr Bong is respected internationally for his expertise within the medical aesthetics field,  imparting his knowledge and techniques worldwide.

Furthermore, as the esteemed founder of the Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic – one of Scotland’s most reputable aesthetic clinics – his dedication to being at the forefront of premier aesthetic treatments is paramount.

Expertise That Inspires

Dr. Bong’s extensive knowledge base spans decades, and he has harnessed this experience to become a thought-leader in aesthetic medicine. His comprehensive understanding of non-surgical treatments ranges from dermal fillers to botulinum toxins, laser procedures, and more, with a specialised focus on advanced facial techniques.

Dr. Bong’s role extends beyond giving compelling speeches. As a seasoned trainer, he has nurtured countless practitioners in the field of aesthetic medicine. His unique teaching techniques strike the perfect balance between theoretical knowledge and practical expertise, fostering an environment that encourages learning and growth.

International Acclaim

His charisma, clarity, and command over the field have made Dr Bong a sought-after speaker at international aesthetics conferences. His profound knowledge, engaging discourse, and meticulous attention to the finer details of medical aesthetics make him a sought-after trainer worldwide – the expert of the experts!

As a celebrated speaker, Dr. Bong’s presentations are as enlightening as they are engaging, making complex medical concepts accessible and intriguing to all his audiences. He has delivered keynote addresses at several significant conferences across the globe, leaving lasting impressions with every stage he graces.


Dr Bong is a seasoned presenter, having lectured in over 60 countries such as Japan, Sweden, Russia, United Arab Emirates, France, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. His unparalleled services have been harnessed time and again by countless conference organisers to enhance their events, imparting to attendees invaluable knowledge within the realm of aesthetics.

His discourse transcends the conventional lecture format. Rather, they metamorphose into transformative experiences, inciting a paradigm shift in the perception of non-surgical aesthetic interventions. His approach to the topic is not merely informative, but evolutionary, reshaping understanding and perspectives.

So, whether you are a prospective client looking for a trusted name to entrust your aesthetics needs or an organisation seeking cutting-edge aesthetics techniques, Dr Bong’s proven expertise makes him your perfect choice.

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