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Beauty Through Science Stockholm

Championing Expertise and Education in Aesthetic Medicine

Dr Kieren Bong, a key figure in the field of aesthetic medicine, brings his distinctive approach to life in our strapline, “Still You, Just Better.” Renowned for his profound technical knowledge and innate skills, Dr Bong is a sought-after speaker and trainer in the global aesthetic medicine community.

His expertise recently took him to the prestigious Beauty Through Science conference in Stockholm, a flagship event in the world of cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine. At this event, Dr Bong took the stage alongside fellow leaders worldwide, underscoring his reputation as a medical luminary in the aesthetic medicine field.

Dr Bong’s unwavering commitment to education is a cornerstone of his career. He invests a significant amount of time and effort into his role as an international speaker and trainer. For him, these engagements are not just a privilege, but a platform to advocate for continuing education and to foster and share expertise within the medical community.

As Dr Bong asserts, “The chance to share specialised knowledge at such an esteemed conference is a testament to the power of unified learning in advancing our field. I truly believe in the pivotal role that lectures, training, and mutual support play in strengthening our collective expertise and ultimately improving patient outcomes.”

Dr Bong participated in an expert panel discussion at the conference, joining a roster of renowned surgeons and dermatologists from Germany, the USA, and Israel. It was an insightful and informative event that gave all who participated invaluable insights into the latest developments in the field.

Indeed, the aesthetic medicine industry is constantly evolving, with new techniques, protocols, and technologies emerging regularly. This dynamism begs the question: How can practitioners stay informed and adapt?

For Dr Bong and the team at Beauty Through Science, the answer lies in unity. They hold boutique meetings that gather the finest minds in aesthetic medicine, creating a platform for close interaction and sharing cutting-edge techniques and technologies in a friendly and intimate setting. These gatherings offer attendees a concentrated three-day period of insights into the major trends in the field, with two tracks for surgical and non-surgical professionals. The insights can then be implemented as soon as attendees return to their clinics.

For Dr Bong and Essence Medical, these conferences represent more than just opportunities for learning and networking – they are fundamental to advancing aesthetic medicine. They encapsulate the belief that learning, sharing and mutual support are the cornerstones of progress in the medical community.

Beauty Through Science Stockholm
Beauty Through Science Stockholm
Beauty Through Science Stockholm


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