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Fillers: A Non-surgical Solution to a Youthful Appearance

Essence Medical, directed by Dr Kieren Bong, Cosmetic Doctor and International Trainer, is breaking barriers in non-surgical cosmetic interventions. With a particular focus on fillers, we’re unveiling more youthful, rested, and vibrant appearances for our clientele.

Each passing year brings wisdom, peace and growth. However, for some, it also brings inevitable signs of ageing. But do not fret; you do not have to surrender to time without a fight. Under Dr Kieren Bong’s expert guidance, Essence Medical champions non-invasive solutions, empowering you to maintain your youthful glow effortlessly.

When considering treatments or procedures involving your face, like cosmetic surgery or non-surgical facial treatments, choosing a qualified doctor or practitioner who understands facial anatomy is crucial. Fillers, which have emerged as a popular choice among non-surgical cosmetic procedures, can instantly lift the face, smooth out lines, fill in deep folds and even restore that youthful fullness that tends to fade with age when applied by a qualified doctor with specialised knowledge and experience.

Dr Kieren Bong, an esteemed professional in the field, provides personalised treatments, staying faithful to his aim of enabling everyone to feel comfortable in their skin. His world-acclaimed techniques with fillers not only improve aesthetic appeal but do so while ensuring natural-looking results. Every face is unique, thus requiring personalised treatment plans. A deep understanding of facial anatomy allows Dr Bong to customise his procedures for each individual’s features and goals.

Why Choose Fillers?

Cost-effective: Compared to the price tag of cosmetic surgery, fillers are a more economical choice, opening the door to aesthetic treatment for a larger demographic.

Less Invasive: The injection of fillers involves minimal discomfort; unlike surgery, you won’t need a prolonged recovery period. You can return to your day after a brief visit to Essence Medical.

Immediate Results: While most non-invasive cosmetic procedures need time for results to appear, fillers instantly boost your appearance.

What sets Essence Medical apart, and why should you entrust your aesthetic journey to this clinic, specifically Dr Kieren Bong?

  1. Dr Bong’s extensive experience guarantees that you’re getting treatment from one of the best in the business. He constantly updates and refines his techniques, delivering exceptional and natural-looking results to his patients.
  2. A ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t apply at Essence Medical. Dr Bong ensures that every treatment plan is tailored to each individual’s needs and aesthetic goals.
  3. The clinic prides itself on prioritising patient well-being above all. Everything from appointment consultations to aftercare follows a meticulous process, offering assurance to patients about their decision to choose Essence Medical.

Misunderstanding the complex structure of the face can result in serious complications or adverse side effects. We recommend only accepting treatment from a skilled and knowledgeable doctor who can properly administer treatments to ensure patient safety and desired results.

Start your journey to a rejuvenated self with confidence, armed with the revolutionary yet subtle touch of fillers and let Essence Medical and Dr Kieren Bong be the compass that guides you toward a younger and brighter reflection in the mirror.


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