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Miss Scotland 2023 Event Date to be announced

Miss Scotland 2023

Dr Kieren Bong has been a consistent presence at Miss Scotland, serving as a judge for five consecutive years. In his tenure, he has had the honour of crowning three Miss Scotlands who later represented their nation at Miss World. He is set to be on the judging panel again in 2023. Find out who claimed the Miss Scotland title here.

Miss Scotland is more than a mere beauty contest. It is a grand celebration of the diverse talents, ambitions, and beauty of Scottish women. The competition not only celebrates the contestants but also supports local charities, and promotes Scotland’s rich culture and heritage, providing a platform for international success.

Established in 1961, Miss Scotland has grown to become a celebration of beauty and talent, and a platform that empowers women and supports local charities. Dr Bong has found the Miss Scotland event to bring out the best of Scotland, a country rich in culture, history, and natural beauty.

The event brings together young women from all corners of the country, who are selected not only for their beauty but also for their unique skills, talents, and personalities. The performances at the event can range from singing and dancing to playing musical instruments or delivering spoken word poetry. The competition also provides young women with opportunities for personal and professional growth. Many former contestants have gone on to enjoy successful careers in various fields, including entertainment, modelling, business, and philanthropy.

Miss Scotland contestants have a long-standing tradition of raising funds for charitable causes. In their reign, winners often partner with local charities and organisations. For instance, Lucy Kerr, Miss Scotland 2016, partnered with the Les Hoey DreamMaker Foundation, Miss Scotland 2019, Keryn Matthew, supported the mental health charity SAMH, and Lucy Thomson, Miss Scotland 2022, started her charity, The BRAvery Trust. These partnerships are a testament to the commitment of Miss Scotland winners to making a positive impact on their communities.

The Miss Scotland title is more than a mere beauty accolade; it’s an ambassadorial role that places the winner at the helm of presenting Scottish culture on a global platform. Winners of this prestigious title get the opportunity to represent Scotland in international beauty pageants such as Miss World. In doing so, they not only promote tourism but also raise global awareness about Scotland’s unique allure, customs, and traditions.

Competing at this international level allows Miss Scotland winners to display their talents, intelligence, and cultural pride to a global audience. It’s a competition that brings together contestants from around the world, providing a space for Scottish women to shine.

Success stories of past Miss Scotland winners, such as Jennifer Reoch (Miss Scotland 2011) and Mhairi Fergusson (Miss Scotland 2015), are testament to this. Reoch transitioned into a successful career in television presenting and journalism, while Fergusson used her platform to launch a mental health initiative, “Mind Your Time”. Their accomplishments on the international stage have not only elevated Scotland’s profile but also inspired many to follow their footsteps.

The essence of Miss Scotland, however, goes beyond the surface glitz and glamour. It’s a platform for personal growth and female empowerment. Many past contestants have attested to the positive impact the competition has had on their lives. Mhairi Fergusson, for instance, credits her Miss Scotland experience for helping her overcome personal challenges and finding her voice as a mental health advocate. Similarly, Lucy Kerr found her time as Miss Scotland instrumental in building her confidence and propelling her career in the fashion industry.

The tradition continued with Miss Scotland 2023, held in September, which was yet another memorable event in the pageant’s history.


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