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Polynucleotides and tear trough fillers

Polynucleotide EyeBright vs Tear Trough Fillers: Understanding Your Options

Do you wonder if tear-trough fillers and polynucleotide EyeBright can be used in conjunction for an enhanced look? The answer is a comforting yes, and here’s the reason why. Tear trough fillers, popular for providing immediate enhancements, primarily consist of hydrating hyaluronic acid and are renowned for their volumising capability. On the contrary, polynucleotides, molecules made up of lengthy nucleotide chains, improve your skin’s quality upon injection by boosting collagen and elastin production while increasing skin hydration.

Discover the Pros and Cons of Tear Trough Fillers

Here’s why the tear trough fillers are wildly beneficial:

  • Instantaneous Results: The tear trough fillers immediately upgrade your under-eye appearance.
  • Versatility: Their usage covers a broad spectrum, from addressing fine lines to hollows.
  • Reversibility: The hyaluronic acid fillers offer the advantage of being dissolvable. So, you can reverse the effect if you aren’t satisfied with the outcome.

On the downside, these fillers come with certain limitations:

  • Maintenance: The results typically last from 9 to 12 months, necessitating regular touch-ups.
  • Minor Side Effects: Injectable treatments might lead to swelling and bruising as minor side effects.
Explore the Pros and Cons of Polynucleotide EyeBright

Here’s why Polynucleotide EyeBright is beneficial:

  • Natural Skin Revitalising Effect: Boosts collagen and elastin production for a natural, longer-lasting improvement in skin elasticity and texture.
  • Hydrating your Skin: Greatly improves skin hydration, thereby refreshing your under-eye area.
  • Safety: Due to their biodegradable nature and biocompatibility, they stand out as a safe option.

However, they do come with certain limitations:

  • Incremental results: Compared to fillers, the polynucleotide effects develop over time and may require multiple treatments.
  • Less immediate volume: Polynucleotides may not be suitable for those looking for an immediate volumising effect, especially for those with significant hollowing.
What’s the Best Choice for You?

The choice between Polynucleotide EyeBright and tear-trough fillers depends on your individual needs, desired outcome, and uniquely specific anatomy. The decision to use polynucleotides or fillers fundamentally relies on your primary concern. If it’s tear-trough hollowing, fillers can provide the immediate results you’re after. Alternatively, Polynucleotide EyeBright can be your ideal choice to soften wrinkles and lines and tighten the under-eye area for overall skin improvement.

In certain cases, our cosmetic doctor might recommend a combination of both treatments, which can address volume loss while simultaneously improving the under-eye area’s skin texture. Schedule a consultation with our expert cosmetic doctor to learn more about your suitability, or explore the Polynucleotide EyeBright page on our website for detailed information.


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