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A Stellar Year: Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic’s Unwavering Commitment to Transforming Lives Through Cosmetic Dermatology

At Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic, we’re more than just a medical institution – we’re a home where dreams of aesthetic transformation come to fruition. Located in the heart of Scotland, we’re proud to be acknowledged as a leading light in cosmetic dermatology. Our enviable reputation has been sustained from years of delivering nothing but excellence, and our last year’s journey is a testament to our relentless commitment to doing just that.

This journey is only complete with the mention of our very own Dr Kieren Bong. Renowned as a celebrity cosmetic doctor, Dr Bong’s work is revolutionary, reshaping lives and redefining norms in aesthetic medicine. His exceptional journey this past year saw our beloved Glasgow-based clinic blossom into a hub where medical expertise meets artistic finesse, consistently delivering transformative results to our cherished patients across the UK and Europe.

We don’t wish to self-praise, but what makes Dr Bong truly special isn’t just his inexplicable gift of reshaping physical appearances but the heartwarming reviews that fill our online spaces. He is continually commended for his exceptional skills, genuine care, and steadfast commitment to achieving the best possible results. Dr Bong has redefined the beauty industry with an enviable blend of medical expertise and artistic flair, making him an irresistible figure to those who seek a flawless look.

It’s no surprise that Dr Bong has been acknowledged as one of Europe’s finest in cosmetic medicine. His mastery has always aligned with achieving natural-looking changes harmonising with age and personal features. He believes in amplifying one’s inherent beauty while preserving the unique aspects that make each of us special.

Of particular note are his incomparable Botox and dermal filler treatments. Recognised internationally for his adept touch, Dr Bong has set the benchmark for others. Patients and peers throughout the industry acknowledge his sophisticated precision and practice, which deliver effects that are pleasing to the eye and safe and enduring.

Our success story still needs to mention our clinical ethos at Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic. A patient’s journey with us is designed to be stress-free and comforting -from the moment they step into our clinic. Our team is steadfast in its commitment to ensuring a wholesome experience for every individual – their comfort and well-being are always our priority.

To wrap it up, our exceptional track record over the last year, rooted in Dr Bong’s expertise and dedication, is merely a glimpse into the transformative journey we embark on daily at Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic. We don’t just serve procedures – we curate unparalleled experiences and deep-seated transformation.

We wear our international recognition with humility and pride, striving to be the beacon of excellence in cosmetic medicine. We are dedicated to the patients we serve and look forward to welcoming current and new patients into our newly refurbished clinic in 2024. Please contact our friendly team to schedule your appointment.


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