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What are russian lips

What are Russian Lips?

Lip shaping and contouring with filler has always been one of Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic’s most popular treatments. Over the years, our cosmetic doctor, Dr Kieren Bong, has pioneered a few lip injection techniques, some of which have become the industry’s most widely used techniques for volumizing and shaping lips with hyaluronic acid filler. The’ Russian lip’ filler technique is one unique lip shape currently trending on social media.

What are Russian lips?

The term ‘Russian lips’ is derived from the style the shape of the lips you often see on Russian stacking dolls called Matryoshka or Babushka. With Russian lips, the cupid’s bow is accentuated to create a shape not dissimilar to a heart. In addition, considerable volume and lift are added to the lips’ body while minimizing the lip’s frontal projection. The effect is quite doll-like, albeit that, when performed correctly, still looks very natural.

This technique has been popular in Russia for years, but the trend has now spread globally. The Russian lips technique may seem straightforward on YouTube, but it requires an acute appreciation of the filler’s depth of placement and the product’s correct grade. Essentially, the doctor injects the filler vertically into the lips and then spread outwards to widen the lip upward or downward for the top and bottom lips, respectively. Also, much of the filler is placed into the central part of the lips to create the accentuation you see in the Russian dolls. Rather than starting from the lip border and working inward, the injector works the filler from the inside out.

Do Russian lips require more filler?

The short answer is yes. This technique is very different from other more traditional lip enhancement injections, which tend to focus more on horizontal injections into the body of the lip. The Russian lips technique requires extra filler, although your personal choice influences the eventual result. The main objective of this technique is to heighten the lips rather than add excessive volume and plumpness.

We recommend that no more than 1ml of high-grade filler is used in the first session. Extra filler can be added if required in subsequent sessions according to your desired results. One thing for sure, though – and in keeping with our clinic’s mantra of ‘natural and age appropriate’ – is that we will always strive to give you natural results. We always advise our patients if we think they are asking for too much filler in their lips and that the result may look unnatural.

Who are Russian lips for?

It is a technique that aims to add height to the lips with minimal frontal projection and tends to be favoured by younger women. However, patients must understand that the Russian lips will not suit everyone. This is because everyone’s anatomy (the shape of the lips and underlying definition) is different.

Are Russian lips suitable for you?

We know that Russian lips are the most fashionable shape of lips right now, especially amongst younger women. Many women choose to have Russian lips because they think it gives them a sexy pout. Of course, it is not for everyone, but if you are looking for the wow factor, the Russian lips may be great.

There are two key things to keep in mind if you are considering this procedure:

  • Make sure to have your treatment carried out by a skilled and experienced cosmetic doctor like Dr Kieren Bong.
  • Always do your homework first because at the end of the day, lip filler injection with filler is a medical procedure, and you should not trivialize the risks of complications. In untrained hands, much can and does go wrong.

The difference in technique and cost

While the Russian lips require a specific technique quite different from conventional lip filler injections, there are other differences we would like you to consider. The first is cost. As mentioned above, it is not uncommon to accentuate the height of your lips, and extra filler is often required. Some patients require a second session, and invariably, more filler will be necessary for that session. We usually charge by the number of syringes of filler used, and in general, we charge £300 per syringe. The extra investment is worth it to get precisely what you want! We can assure you that your treatment will be carried out personally by Dr Bong, who is widely recognized as one of Europe’s top dermal filler doctors.

Notwithstanding the need for extra filler mentioned above, most of our patients require only one syringe of filler when they return for their’ touch up’ or ‘maintenance’ session six months after their initial treatment. In other words, it may require two syringes of filler to create your first Russian lips, but you will only need one syringe six months afterwards when you return for your touch-up treatment.

It would help to consider the likelihood of longer-lasting swelling and more major bruising. The Russian lips technique requires a higher number of injections, and this itself can cause more trauma to the lip tissue, resulting in swelling and bruising, which are more noticeable. The additional volume of filler also can cause longer-lasting swelling too.


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