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As we age, our skin’s production of collagen and elastin declines, revealing the first signs of ageing and sun damage in our 30s. This phase often accentuates facial lines while volume loss in the cheeks and under the eyes becomes more noticeable.

Luckily, the 30s also bring greater self-confidence. At our aesthetic clinic, we aim to boost that confidence even further by enhancing your best features.

If you’re considering aesthetic treatments like Botox® or dermal fillers for the first time, you may have questions. Rest assured, our philosophy is to maintain a natural, age-appropriate look. We aim for results so subtle that no one would guess you’ve had cosmetic treatments – they’ll simply notice how refreshed and good you look.


 Luminous, toned skin is associated with youth, but as we age, our complexions begin to dull, and the skin’s texture deteriorates. Stress, hormonal changes, smoking, and daily sun exposure all contribute to the ageing of our skin and achieving that fresh, glowing look is more difficult.

Glowing Skin Treatment


PhotoReady is a breakthrough treatment protocol available only at Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic.  This unique treatment aims to give your skin a ‘red carpet look,’ i.e. minimise pores, soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and give your skin a soft, smooth glow. Find out more on our treatment page (click here).

Laughter Lines Young woman

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

As the milestone of 30 approaches, you often start to notice fine lines and wrinkles. Fine lines in the upper face in our 30s tend to be related to facial expression. These lines are called ‘dynamic expression lines’ and are highly responsive to Botox® treatment.

√  Crow’s feet begin to form around your eyes

√  Fine lines appear in your forehead

√  Frown lines between your eyebrows begin to show


Looking fresh and natural, despite having a hectic life, can be easily achieved by using Botox®  to soften lines and wrinkles. Dr Bong strives to preserve a small degree of facial expression to make sure you look natural.

  1. Lines around the eyes, called ‘crow’s feet’ can be reduced using Botox® wrinkle relaxing injections.
  2. Frown lines can be softened using Botox®. This can give a softer look and stop people asking why you are angry!
  3. Forehead lines treatment with Botox® in your 30s is a great way to let makeup sit better on the skin and still look fresh at the end of the day.

Find out more on our treatment page (click here).


Double Chin

The simple truth is you don’t have to be overweight to get a double chin – age and genetics play a role. Seeing a double chin in the mirror is not usually a comfortable sight. But the fact is, you do not have to be overweight for this to happen to you. Some people are genetically predisposed to a double chin, meaning they have a family history. A double chin can also occur as you age.

double chin treatments


Fat Dissolving Injections are one of our most popular treatments. We love performing double chin fat-dissolving injections at Essence Medical. This is a permanent, non-surgical way of reducing double chin fat. Find out about double chin injections on our treatment page (here).

Tear trough fillers

Tear Trough Hollows

There are few women who do not suffer from under-eye hollows, whether from ageing, sleepless nights or just an unhealthy lifestyle. Under eye hollows is volume loss under the eye area, creating a tired appearance as well as a deformity commonly known as ‘tear trough’.


Dr Bong invented a revolutionary technique and owns its international trademark. It is called Two-Point Eye Lift. This technique is now internationally known as one of the safest and most effective techniques for rejuvenating under eye hollows with soft tissue filler and is now widely used in over 40 countries. This treatment takes about 20 minutes, with minimal discomfort and no downtime. Please find out more on our treatment page (click here).

Lack of Lip Shape & Fullness

Most men and women notice their lips begin to thin sometime in their early 30s and 40s. Your lips start to thin for the same reason your skin begins to sag with time: a natural decline in collagen. Lip size and shape are genetically determined, but we all tend to get thinner lips over time. If your lips are naturally smaller, you may notice this in your late 20s and 30s.

Thin lip treatment


Lip Fillers And Enhancements: We use the softest, smoothest injectable filler, so it looks and feels very natural. But, very importantly, our lip treatment is virtually pain-free! Most patients are surprised that lip injections by Dr Bong are not painful at all – because of the effects of the local anaesthetic AND because Dr Bong knows all the tricks and secrets of injecting least uncomfortably.

The technique is fundamental when we treat our younger patients in their 20s and 30s. Our goal should be to give you your 16-year-old lips back, not make you look like a trout or Simpson’s character!

Discover more about “Couture Lips“, a proprietary technique from Essence Medical. This method offers a natural and age-appropriate solution for lip enhancement.

Fillers for plumpness

Loss of Plumpness

Collagen maintains skin elasticity to keep our cheeks smooth and supple, while subcutaneous fats underneath the skin keep and hold up the plump face. The loss of collagen, subcutaneous fat and muscle tone as we age are some factors that cause sunken cheeks. In addition, the lack of nourishment, dieting, dehydration, and stress may also contribute to the loss of plumpness in the cheeks and the appearance of nasolabial folds (commonly called “smile lines”).


Using dermal fillers to put a bit of volume back in the cheeks is beautifying and very effective, giving your face a beautiful lift and definition. Skin is still very receptive and reacts well to the hydrating effect achieved by dermal fillers. Please find out more on our treatment page (click here).

Uneven Skin Tone | Minor Skin Imperfections

After 30, you might experience more skin dryness and irritation than you ever did. Not to mention strange spots seem to pop up from nowhere. This is because a slowing cell renewal rate means dead cells start accumulating on the skin’s surface, interfering with light reflection. In addition, impacted layers of dead skin cells make the skin have difficulty staying moisturised naturally. When your skin starts feeling out of whack, you can make a few simple adjustments to your skincare regimen to get things back in sync.

Uneven Skin Tone Treatments


Dr Kieren Bong’s revolutionary Sylfirm TIGHT treatment combines deep knowledge of radiofrequency microneedling with expert craftsmanship for exceptional skin tightening results. Pioneering in the Sylfirm X technology field, Dr Bong’s unique, personalised protocols set a new standard, significantly improving both the experience and outcome. The meticulously designed Sylfirm TIGHT treatment adjusts frequency, power, and duration per each thermal exposure, guaranteeing optimal temperatures within the skin for maximum effectiveness.


Discover the Ultimate Revolution in Radiofrequency Microneedling. Dr Bong’s expertise goes beyond the science and machinery; a unique blend of his knowledge and experience sets the Sylfirm TIGHT treatment apart.
Wrinkle relaxing injections (commonly known as ‘BOTOX® treatment’ can be an excellent solution for men and women who are unhappy with the look of their lines and wrinkles.
When correctly administered by a qualified expert, fillers can lift the features and add symmetry by adding volume and structure while providing a fresh, youthful, and natural appearance.
We offer several different medical-grade chemical skin peels and these peels are not available in the high street and should not be confused with very mild and gentle glycolic peels from beauty therapists.




Dr Kieren Bong

Dr Kieren Bong is a renowned leader in facial enhancement treatments globally. He trains and speaks internationally on Botox, advanced dermal fillers, and facial contouring. His mastery of non-surgical cosmetic treatments, combined with a compassionate approach, has earned him respect from both patients and colleagues.


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